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Atomic Watches

Atomic watches are radio-controlled devices that will automatically adjust the time using radio calibration signals from a central unit for atomic clocks. If you want a super accurate watch, an atomic watch is the perfect way to go.
Those reputable brands like Seiko, Citizen, Casio and others have produced some of best quality atomic watches.

Citizen Watches

Citizen has been the pioneer of the field of atomic watches. In 1993, it released the world’s first multi-band atomic timekeeping watch. Citizen had to place a large antenna in the middle of the atomic watch dial in order to keep the time accurate because metal in the case and movement could interfere with the watch’s ability to receive the radio signal. Ten years later in 2003, after finding a solution for the radio signal interference problem, Citizen released the world’s first light-powered atomic watch with an entirely metal case.

Citizen Attesa Eco-Drive AT9096-57E

Citizen Attesa atomic watch is automatically synchronized with the radio signals from wave transmission stations in 4 areas of the world in Japan, China, the USA, Europe. It is claimed to be only 1 second in 100,000 year, the perfect, super accurate atomic watch.

Attesa Eco-Drive

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Seiko Watches

While other atomic watches have got their area limit that they have to be in range of those central atomic clocks located around the world in order to synchronize their times, Seiko released a solar-powered GPS-aligning atomic timepiece, Seiko Astron, in 2012. The advanced atomic timepiece, Seiko Astron is able to receive radio signals from satellite and automatically adjust its time based on its current position on Earth in any timezone.

Seiko Astron Executive Line SBXB123

As named, sophisticatedly designed for global business traveller. With the GPS network, the Astron adjusts to your time zone with just a touch of button wherever you are. This solar-powered atomic watch takes all the energy it needs from light alone, you would never need to change battery.

Seiko Astron Executive Line

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Casio Watches

The well-known Casio G-Shock line, ProTrek and Edifice, they are all available in atomic watch offerings.

Casio G-Shock G-Steel World Wave Solar GST-W300-1AJF

Casio’s cream-of-the-crop watches, the G-Shock line is the symbol of technology and toughness.

Casio G-Shock G-Steel

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