Adams Atomic Engines, Inc. Company formerly known as Adams Atomic Engines

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Atomic Insights

Adams Atomic Engines was a company founded in September 1993. It went out of business and gave up its corporate identity in December 2010. Its initial goal was to design and build a series of atomic engines characterized by a relatively large, lower power density reactor and a small, simple, low pressure Brayton cycle gas turbine operating with nitrogen gas instead of combustion products.

Commercial sources of the fuel required to build Adams Engines were delayed so long that the company was never able to accurately predict when its machines could be available for sale. Without reasonable certainty about the technology availability, no effort could be made to start the arduous and costly process of obtaining a Nuclear Regulatory Commission license. The company was never successful in its efforts to build the capital base needed to engage in the multiyear development, testing, licensing, and manufacturing process required. This site is being maintained for historical reasons until the contracted hosting period runs out.

You can find information about our design efforts, our history, and our vision on the Adams EngineTM Blog, and at Atomic Insights. Please visit and get involved in the discussions.

Adams EnginesTM were designed to convert heat from Power PebblesTM into electricity using a small number of well proven components. The design goal was to supply cost-effective, competitive power in places that require between 1 MW to 50 MW of electricity. Applications in these sizes include load following power generation, remote sites, and commercial shipping.

The homework started in 1991 and continued for nearly 20 years. The founder, Rod Adams, continues to communicate about energy at Atomic Insights.

If you have explored all the information on this site, and you want to learn more, please visit our interactive blogs. If your question is one that could contribute to a public conversation, that is the best place to post it.

If you are excited about nuclear energy in general, and are interested in some artistic ways to express that support, you might enjoy visiting

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